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We had a great time travelling around the Cowichan Valley here on Vancouver Island with Jason and Jen. It was one of those perfect summer days where we were able to sit out on the patio at the brew pub in Duncan and get a chance to chat before we dove into our photo time.

Jason & Jen live in Calgary – but Jason has family living in the Cowichan Valley, so they decided it would be fun to plan their engagement photos with us on the island! We will be photographing Jason & Jen’s wedding next summer in Calgary – so it will be great to compare their lovely west coast engagement photo backdrops with the beautiful urban and prairie backdrops that Calgary has to offer.

We wanted to take photos in Cowichan Bay first, because there is so much charm in that little town. We started at our favorite little cheese shop called Hillary’s Cheese – that happens to also be so quaint. (I could easily sit at Hillary’s for an entire day watching boats go by while snacking from breakfast through dinner…) Naturally we thought it would be a lovely spot for Jen&Jason to start of their engagement session “date.”

We went up to the “butter church” just down the road from Cowichan bay, which you may remember from our last post.

Our next stop was a few minutes down the road back to our little seaside town Crofton, where Mike and I live. I love shooting in Crofton – there are so many over grown rustic settings, and not too many people around. The blackberries were in the perfect shape to pick, and we took a little break to pick some sweet fruit! I love how the berries matched Jen’s dress…

Jen brought some fun props to our shoot, which we always love!

Jen and Jason, we had such a great time with you guys! We look forward to working with you beautiful people again next summer!

Mike & Ashley Kitchen
SNAP Weddings, Victoria engagement photographer


It’s been almost ten years since I first met Steve, when we were both working at Camp Qwanoes. Back then, he was the Assistant Events Coordinator – he was in charge of all the great games that happen at camp. I was immediately struck by his fantastic personality. He would effortlessly plan and run all these amazing games for over 300 campers at a time. Through the years, I’ve online pharmacy cialis seen him take on all sorts of roles in various games and movies. My personal favourite was a series of videos we made while online pharmacy cialis I was the Video Producer at camp – “Huggy-hug man”. In these academy-award worthy short films, Steve would roam camp and randomly hug anyone who looked down. To top it off, we had an ORIGINAL soundtrack produced by none other than Russ Smith, Lead Singer of Hokus Pick. It’s been a real privilege to have known Steve for all these years, and it’s a great honour for me to call him my friend. Ashley and I were thrilled when we began hearing about Alycia! Steve positively glows when he talks about her, and it’s easy for us to see how much she means to him. This engagement shoot was the first real chance we both had to canadian schools pharmacy get to know Alycia, and it was great fun. We can’t wait until after the wedding, when these two are settling down in our little town. We are excited to have friends around who seem to love playing board games as competitively as we do:) and look forward to lots of fun nights ahead of us. Steve, I couldn’t be happier for you! And Alycia, you are the perfect match for our Steve! We wish you all the best in the years generic viagra usa to come! Mike & Ashley Kitchen SNAP Weddings, Victoria engagement photographer

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We often ask our couples to get outside of their comfort zone for our photoshoots. There is often a specific vision we have for a shoot, and with the help of the couple, we can get exactly the pictures we are looking for. We’ve been planning a shoot at
Merridale Estate Cidery, one of our favourite places on the island, for quite some time. It’s a great property, and they make some of the best food around, and of course beautiful apple cider – we highly recommend checking them out!

Before shooting there, we were waiting for two things: The blossoms to come out in full bloom, and to have a couple that could be comfortable and at ease in the bee-filled orchards. The blossoms finally agreed to come out, and Crystal and Morgan were the perfect couple for the shoot! They were very comfortable and natural in the various spots we stuck them, and the shoot came out exactly as we’d hoped it would!

Crystal & Morgan we can’t wait until your wedding day in August! Thanks for a fun shoot.

Amy grew up on her parents beautiful dairy farm in Chemainus, BC so we thought it would make the perfect setting for some unique and meaningful engagement photos. I graduated with Amy’s oldest sister, so it seemed a little surreal that Amy is now old enough to be getting married!

Bryce and Amy were just adorable together – they were naturals in front of the camera. They were great at just being themselves, all smiling and so in love with each other! We had been tempted to call off the shoot, as it looked like rain was rolling in, but thankfully we didn’t. The weather held out and we had the most beautiful skies and perfect light for an evening session.

Here are a few of our favourites.

Amy and Bryce it was great to get to work with the two of you, we wish you all the best of luck while you plan your 2012 wedding!