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January 19, 2014 in Various Videography



Kris and Lyndsey invited us to capture their beautiful and lavish wedding celebration at The Oasis Centre in Edmonton. We were also able to capture the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. This was a great chance for us to meet their big family and have a traditional Italian feast. (I’m still full!) Kris and Lyndsey had a blast on their wedding day. The guys spent a lot of their morning jamming and playing bocce ball while the girls were at the salon.

They made sure that their guests had fun as well by incorporating surprise fireworks and a food.

We were fortunate to meet this young couple in love and are excited to see what they will do next.

Kris and Lyndsey, thank-you for letting us share in your big day!

All the best!
Kevin & Ashley




Kayley and Derek had an incredible wedding day. September in Calgary Alberta is one of the most beautiful times of the year to get married. The leaves have turned colour and sun seems brighter all day. Kevin and I (Ashley H.) were so honoured to be a part of Kayley and Derek’s big day.

We started filming early that morning and watched as Cathy, Muriel and their team at Creative Weddings transform the Crystal Ball room at the Fairmont Palliser into a luxurious, elegant and romantic fairytale.

We were super impressed with how friendly and down to earth Kayley and Derek were and you can tell from the film just how in love this young couple is.

Thank-you for letting us share in your big day! What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday in the city.

All the best!
Kevin & Ashley

June 29, 2013 in Various Videography


The SNAP crew Kevin, Mike, Ashley K. and I (Ashley H.) loaded up the vehicle and headed north for what we knew would be an adventurous weekend. 🙂

When Kristin and Nate contacted us and wanted us to be a part of their Rocky Mountain House wedding we were thrilled! We love the chance to shoot in a new town, province or country. It allows us to capture our couples in a unique setting and really experience their story.

On arrival we checked ourselves into a colourful B’n’B and did some location scouting. People around town, as well as Kristin and Nate were super helpful and we were able to come up with some really great and  unique photo shoot locations around town.

The day of the wedding flew by quickly. Being from a small town myself (Taber, AB) I loved the charm of the small town feel and how everything felt laid back. Nate and the guys even had a chance to get in a few holes before the ceremony.

As you may have noticed in the film, Nate may of had a rough go when it came time for the vows, (cue tears) but he came through later by surprising Kristin at the alter with an “upgraded” wedding band. Her face was priceless. 🙂

We had a lot of fun with this couple and their wedding party and enjoyed a beautiful reception in a transformed local community centre.

Kristin & Nate: The SNAP crew had a lot of fun capturing your day and coming to Rocky Mountain House. 🙂

All the best you guys!
Kevin & Ashley



April 25, 2013 in Various Videography

“ISES has a secret mission happening. . .”
I was editing, as usual, when this message popped up on my phone one evening last week.

The message was from our friends and colleagues at ISES Calgary. ISES (The International Special Events Society of Canada) is comprised of professionals in the special events industry who strive to advance the industry and uphold the integrity of the profession. Every year ISES Calgary has an annual fundraiser event to give back to the community.

The correspondence that followed was shrouded in mystery, and the messages self-destructed immediately after I’d read them.

Though most of the details are strictly classified, I can reveal that the mission was for a very special project that would culminate in an event in support of the Canadian Cancer Society on May 25th. I can also tell you that the ISES team was seeking a video professional willing to work for the common good of finding a cure for cancer.

With little more information than this, I arrived at a mysterious location in the heart of Calgary on the morning of the mission, armed with one camera, one lens, and no idea what the mission would involve.

The video below is the result of this covert mission.


I’m going to be serious now for a moment.
Unfortunately, over the years we have had a number of clients that have been affected by cancer. Sometimes it’s been a family member of the bride and groom that was affected; other times it’s been the bride or groom who battled cancer. Even just as an outsider, I’ve learned much from these people.

The individuals who had directly battled cancer are some of the best people I’ve had the pleasure know. They’ve demonstrated love for life, gratitude for what they have, and perspective when dealing with the minor day-to-day frustrations that most of us tend to get bent out of shape over. But, I’ve also seen cancer create widows and single-parent families, and take beloved sons or daughters from their parents long before their time. Cancer is a terrible thief that steals what is most precious to us all: family, friends, and life itself.

Please considering joining us and ISES Calgary in supporting the Canadian Cancer Society by attending ISES Calgary’s Kouvert event on May 25th.

For details and tickets, visit ISES’ Kouvert event page.

SNAP wedding cinematographer

The video above would not have been possible without the generosity of many individuals.
VP, Marketing ISES Calgary :: Stephanie Leblond
Chauffeur :: Bob from Highland Executive Chauffeur
Kouvert Girls :: Kat Marks, Afton Koutzun, Stacy Drew
Video ::

Thanks again to Highland Executive Chauffeur for their tremendous support. We also wish to thank Pearl Tsang (CTV Morning Live Reporter, Host and Producer), Mr.Fabulous ( Calgary event blogger), Mike Morrison (City TV Breakfast TV Producer, Metro Columnist and author of Mike’s Bloggity Blog), Rob Mabee (Avenue Magazine Party Crasher Columnist and Axis Art gallery owner), and Jeanette Vega (Calgary event blogger at Modern Socialite) for kindly allowing us to include them in this video.

April 2, 2013 in Various Videography


Jonas and Tram had much to be excited about. They were in love, were planning to marry, and were also the parents of a beautiful baby boy.

However, their fairy-tale did not last long. They were given devastating news: their son has leukemia.

Faced with caring for their son while working and also planning a wedding, Jonas and Tram persevered by relying on each other, on their friends and family, and on their faith.

Thankfully, their son’s condition improved by their wedding day, and they were able to enjoy the big day.

Jonas and Tram’s wedding was truly a celebration of the important things in life: health, faith, friendship, family, and of course love.

Congratulations Jonas and Tram. Footage of your son put a smile on my face throughout the editing process. You have a beautiful family, and we were touched to be able to tell part of your story.

I’d also like to thank Erin of Erin Shepley Photography for doing a great job as our third videographer.

SNAP wedding cinematographer



Jason and Jen (mainly Jen I think) put so much time, thought, and energy into their wedding. Even when we met with them for their initial consult over a year prior, they were able to tell us a lot about their big day. As the days approached to the wedding we received a cluster of emails with itineraries and details, which we LOVE by the way! (The more informed we can be about your wedding, the better.) And we began to see just how organized Jen was! During the reception at the Carriage House Inn, talk of her spreadsheets seemed to be sprinkled through most of the speeches. Her planning successfully paid off with one of the smoothest weddings I’ve been too. (She also had the help of wedding planner Brittany at Calgary Wedding Planning Co.)

Our photo and video team had a lot of fun with their big wedding party, and it wasn’t because it was chalk full of firemen and one token cop, (although that did make the SNAP ladies giddy.) It was the fact that they were having fun and we could tell that Jason and Jen were really enjoying themselves.

At the beginning of the video you will notice how pumped Jason was to see his would-be bride. He kept trying to bump up the first kiss, and we managed to capture him whispering to Jen, hoping to kiss her! This was a theme for the day: a couple very much in love with no shortage of kisses.

I’ll conclude with a joke that was shared by the MC Mo at the reception:

A fireman and a policeman died and both went to heaven where they were issued their wings with the warning that if they had even have one bad thought their wings would fall off.
Well, everything went well for some time then one day they passed a very attractive and well put together young lady.
As the fireman turned to watch her pass his wings fell off.
When he bent over to pick them up the policeman’s wings fell off.

All the best you guys! It was great getting to be a part of your big day!
And be sure to check out the SNAP photography post of Jason and Jen’s day!

Photography :: Mike & Ashley K (SNAP Photography)
Cinematography :: Ashley & Kevin H (SNAP Films) + Erin Shepley (Erin Shepley Photography)



“Don’t forget the cake!” This was the mantra of

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the SNAP photo and video crew on Phyllis and Man-Kin’s wedding day. Man-Kin had designed their amazing cake, which looked and smelled incredible. Capturing it was obviously very important. So for most of the reception the main conversation our SNAP entourage of 5 would have went something like this:           “Did you get the cake?”           “Yep, got the cake.”           …           “Hey guys, don’t forget to get the cake!”

The cake was only a small part of Man-Kin’s artwork present at the wedding. He made fantastic comic-book-style prints that told the story of Phyllis and himself in various stages of their relationship, including their first kiss. Our SNAP team loves capturing Chinese weddings! The hustle and bustle of family and friends gathered to watch brave grooms and groomsmen compete in some pretty intense and embarrassing games (designed by the creative, protective bridesmaids) is so much fun. The games delay the bride and groom’s first look, enhancing the excitement and impact of that moment. Once the tea ceremonies and games were complete, we headed to the beautiful Wedding Pavilion for the ceremony. After the ceremony and some formals, it was off to Calgary’s Forbidden City restaurant for some fantastic food, toasting, and more games. It was great getting to witness Man-Kin and Phyllis’s beautiful and unique love story first hand. Congratulations and thanks

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again guys for letting us be a part of your big day! Be sure to check out the photos of Man-Kin and Phyllis’s wedding by our SNAP photography team.

January 26, 2013 in Various Videography

Have we told you how much we love this canadian pharmacy do you need a prescription job?

While capturing weddings, we get to know some amazing generic cialis at walgreens couples. We also get to meet some amazing industry members.

Last year we canadian pharmacy northwest captured a wedding alongside Cassie Molyneux from Cassie’s Camera. After the wedding, Cassie canadian pharmacy meds asked us to make a little promotional

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video for her. Here’s the result. Special thanks to Jesse and Kelsey. We couldn’t can viagra be bought over the counter have asked for a better couple! canadian online pharmacy ♥ Ashley & Kevin SNAP Filmmakers



Canada Day this year was eventful. low cost viagra online The SNAP crew: Mike, Kevin, Ashley K. and myself (Ashley H.) were busy capturing one of the goofiest, craziest and most in love couples of the year. When Ashley and viagra twitter I first got to the hotel room to capture the girls getting ready, we were thinking these ladies are pretty chill, kinda quiet, and very sophisticated. We heard the mantra “It’s fine..” several times that morning. It seemed things weren’t 100% going to plan though, (which sadly is the norm on a wedding day) but the wedding party was online pharmacy affiliate program reviews in great spirits, and nothing got to them. At the ceremony at Baker Park there were a couple hiccups (cue arch blowing over/veil falling etc.) but these guys just laughed it off like pros. At the reception located and Calgary’s Regency Palace (a venue we know well now and love) we were in for a surprise as Khoi rapped his love for Grace and then later Grace and Khoi did and awesome first dance

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montage complete with sunglasses. It was awesome to see this great couple come out of the shell and show each other how pumped they were about tying the knot. Thanks again guys for letting us be apart of your big day! Click to see the wedding photography done buy viagra london by our SNAP members: Mike and Ashley K. Music: I’m your’s by Jason Mraz. Licensed through  


One of the great things about being a wedding cinematographer is that you get to meet tons of different people and see so many unique love stories. Bobby and Alex were a perfect example of this. When we received their itinerary for the big day we were super excited to see how it would all come together, there was to be bagpipes, highland dancers, a traditional Persian ceremony spread (Sofreye Aghd) and a Persian knife dance. Both Alex and Bobby were able to blend elements from their own cultures into their day that made it a wedding their guests would never forget. During the photoshoot we were even able to take them back to the place they first met at the University of Calgary library. How often do you get to shoot in a library?

Our team: Mike, Ashley K., Erin, Kevin and I (Ashley H.) had a lot of fun with this great couple and wedding party. Here’s a link to our photo post of the big day and also the link to the Robert Burn’s poem featured at the beginning of the film, A Red, Red Rose.

~Ash H.