Calgary and Victoria Wedding Photographer

Mike Kitchen | Victoria Wedding Photographer

My first experience with photography was as a 16 year old heading off to work at a summer camp for the first time.

As a going-away present, my parents gave me my dad's Konica SLR. I had asked for a camera to take to camp, but had hoped for a fancy one - not an old clunker from the 70's! My parents agreed to pay for my photofinishing as long as I paid for film.

That first summer, I shot around 20 rolls of film (Fuji Velvia 50 for the camera nerds out there). Of those 720 shots, perhaps two dozen turned out. Regardless, I was hooked. I hit the library after the summer, and soon realized that pesky things like aperture, shutter speed, and film speed helped decide which pictures worked out!

The best part about being that kid at camp always taking pictures? The girls thought I was very deep and artistic! I met Ashley one of those summers, and my camera skills helped to convince her to marry me!


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